LEBEL: Introducing “CurateScience.Org”

The Replication Network

It is my pleasure to introduce Curate Science (http://CurateScience.org) to The Replication Network. Curate Science is a web application that aims to facilitate and incentivize the curation and verification of empirical results in the social sciences (initial focus in Psychology). Science is the most successful approach to generating cumulative knowledge about how our world works. This success stems from a key activity, independent verification, which maximizes the likelihood of detecting errors, hence maximizing the reliability and validity of empirical results. The current academic incentive structure, however, does not reward verification and so verification rarely occurs and when it does, is highly difficult and inefficient. Curate Science aims to help change this by facilitating the verification of empirical results (pre- and post-publication) in terms of (1) replicability of findings in independent samples and (2) reproducibility of results from the underlying raw data.
The platform facilitates replicability by enabling users…

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